Our Story

We, at ArYu Group are dedicated to create affordable, efficient and effective solutions for all your needs. We will help you in materializing your goals.
We understand that the most effective approach today towards the consumers is personalized experience. Our specialty is developing solutions that have a mass appeal.



ArYu Group started in 2016 in IT Industry with a motive to provide all the services under one roof in affordable rates and easy to access.


Real estate

we believe in creating world-class amenities for most important segments which touch every individual's day to day life.s


Fastest Retailer

ArYu Retail Limited comes up with a fastest way and easy to use platform for small scale retailers and customers in January 2020.

Fast solution


Want a free round of consultation for your company or project? Can’t decide the right track for better output? Stuck on a critical point regarding next plan of action? Loosing scalability or profitability in your business venture?
It’s OK, we got you covered.
Use these a free consultation by connecting with us & let’s create fast-track solutions for your success.

Many of you have this question in your mind that why to choose ArYu Group, We make content simple by simple alogos solving techniques which help us to retain out AIM.
We always admire talent and support the people and clients with proper guidence and a promise of future expenditure.
We take care your career and promise a growth with technology only when if you are loyal toward your own work.
We work on every technologies, but currently we are working on Blockchin, Java, Php, Pyhton, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and a 3-Tier Architecture .